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Dr. Kousouli is the pioneer of HypnoChiro®, designed to give patients true mind-body healing. HypnoChiro® can be done in two combined or separate stages, Hypnosis and Chiropractic, for maximum patient benefit. Patients who fear being chiropractically adjusted love this service, as they can gain all the benefits of chiropractic spinal therapy without worrying about any ‘perceived’ discomforts.

Clinical hypnosis has been proven to provide serious medical and therapeutic benefits, most notably in removal of phobias, confidence boosting, and the reduction of pain or anxiety. The patient, who is guided to a fully relaxed and focused state, seeks to change some part of their subconscious programming and responds to positive suggestions made by the hypnotist while in a safe calm and open state.

Hypnosis is natural and safe; a patient cannot be left hypnotized, as they eventually fall out of hypnosis and back into their daily routine. Hypnosis requires voluntary participation on the part of the patient, so you cannot be hypnotized without your consent or active participation.

Hypnosis can be used to help remove bad habits like smoking or nail biting, boost self-esteem, build confidence, and even improve sports attitude and performance. Repeat sessions to change old patterns may be needed to have a lasting effect.

Ask Dr. Kousouli if you are a candidate for hypnosis on your next visit.