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Be A Master of Maximum Healing​​​​​​​

You have the POWER to HEAL yourself! Ready to heal from the inside out? Never before has it been so simple to understand how to change your life for the better, and for Good! The power hidden in the spinal column is finally revealed in an easy to understand methodology. Learn the interplay between the control of the nervous system and its interaction with your day to day health; your views of what your body is naturally capable of when given proper care may never be the same! Dr. Kousouli shares personal secrets of natural healing for many of today’s common diseases that the ‘Sick-Care’ industry keeps suppressed. Dr. Kousouli EVEN gives you the secrets of why the American Health System is broken, who is behind it, and what you can do to empower yourself back into health despite the sickening medicinal monopoly on the country. You will learn many Secrets! 

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Be A Master of Psychic Energy​​​​​​​

The POWER of YOUR MIND can do INCREDIBLE things! Why do so many doubt their inner power? Do you have untapped abilities that can be brought forth to heal yourself and others, increase intuition, or gain genius insight? Each of us is gifted with co-creator genes; are you ready to fully manifest yours? Dr. Kousouli takes you beyond this earthly dimension, and uncovers the secret workings of energy healing, prayer, meditation, and supernatural abilities that high priests of the ‘Church’ keep hidden from the masses. Dr. Kousouli also discusses how the miraculous healings of one of history’s most influential icons, Jesus of Nazareth, may have been done – and how similar innate laws of healing can be manifested via your nervous system! In this amazing and beautifully illustrated book, you will get actual applicable knowledge that can change YOU forever!

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Be A Master of Sex Energy​​​​​​​

Profound PLEASURE waits for YOU and your partner! Are you seeking a better sexual experience with your partner, or hoping to attract the right one? Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes in love, or feeling unable to overcome your biases towards sex? Dr. Theo Kousouli explores the neurology and psychology of our sexual human nature. He helps you evaluate your experiences, your primary beliefs about sex, and gives you the techniques you need to become a sex god or goddess in your own right. Taking into account everything from how you were raised to your body language, this book gives you nearly every tool imaginable to help hypnotize and please your lover(s). In this incredible and attractively illustrated book, you can get the essential information you have been looking for to forever transform your relationships!

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Be A Master of Success​​​​​​​

Is life getting harder month-to-month, year-to-year instead of easier and more fun? Are the systems of success rigged by those who have the keys to lock out those who don’t? Welcome to the super-saturated world of subliminal advertising and thought control. The constant hidden hypnosis we are subject to affects how we see the world – and how we succeed within it. In BE A MASTER® OF SUCCESS, Dr. Kousouli helps you see the world you’re working in from a brand new perspective, so that you can master the system. Are you ready to succeed and live your life on your terms, instead of being destined for mediocrity?

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Be A Master of Self Image​​​​​​​

Tired of torturing yourself to become thinner? Are you looking to hit the beach, attend a sexy event, a night on the town with your lover, a reunion, a wedding or other big event? Stop buying into the diet industry’s late night infomercials looking to sell you weight loss pills, with ‘before/after’ photo marketing schemes, the latest fad diet, false medical clinical trials, etc… This book is chalk full of honest, useful, practical, and applicable information that you can use right now to feel and look fitter, happier, and sexier.

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Be A Master of Self Love​​​​​​​

Whether you’ve been bullied, grew up with abusive parents, experienced drug abuse, sexual assault, or just had extensive experience with failure, Dr. Kousouli’s BE A MASTER® OF SELF LOVE provides 33 incredibly effective and supportive tips for boosting your self-love and self-esteem. This unique book explores issues that may have blocked your happiness, especially self-imposed limitations from early childhood, formative events, and even clinical depression. Combining mental, spiritual, physical, medical, and holistic approaches to self-love, this book is the comprehensive guide to loving yourself! 

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Be A Master of Your Reality​​​​​​​

BE A MASTER of YOUR REALITY takes readers on a deep exploration of the inner self to help them find their authenticity; that spark inside that craves maximum expression for living an extraordinary life of creative joy. Dr. Kousouli’s process and discussion for exploring the inner self is powerful and includes fun exercises, questionnaires and worksheets that allows his readers to discover the soul’s key desires! The book literally becomes the vision board of their life's powerful future possibilities!

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Be A Master of Channeling Spirit​​​​​​​​

YOUR Personal GUIDES and ANGELS are WAITING FOR YOU to say Hello! In his most revealing and enlightening book yet, Dr. Theodoros Kousouli shares his amazing personal story in a way that helps you open to your own communication with Great Teachers in other realms. Astonishing accounts of conversations between him, his life and healing guides, his mentor, his sister, and passed-over relatives, prove the truth of channeling, mediumship, and healing; all backed by Biblical references that explain the method for easy understanding. Dr. Kousouli demonstrates how the process of channeling empowers you beyond your wildest dreams once you open yourself to receive what is already waiting for you. You are an integral part of Creation’s interconnectedness and channeling Spirit gives us the power to heal ourselves and others, while raising the consciousness of our planet.

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