The Aura, directly related with the activity of the chakra (Sanskrit for “energy wheel”), reflects the individual state of consciousness and can change in appearance with thought, feeling, or mood.

Dr. Kousouli is connected to an auric bio-field instrument that measures body deviations in temperature, humidity, and static electricity in the environment. This instrument is used to help a healer and the participant view their changing energy patterns. Changes in the electromagnetic field are visualized as color gradients on the monitor, depending on frequencies given off by the participant.

Each color represents a different frequency and it is best to see solid bright colors rather than foggy, darker frequencies. Data is collected through software and a camera during the five to fifteen minute session, and then is analyzed afterwards.

Currently, this device is a non-diagnostic instrument and is not designed to replace the use of established methods of diagnosis. However, research continues as the medical community starts to realize the implications of this phenomenon and its possible future applications.

Approximate wavelength and frequency ranges for the various colors:
ColorWavelength (nm)Frequency (THz)
Red: 625-740 nm 480-405 THz
Orange: 590-625 nm 510-480 THz
Yellow: 565-590 nm 530-510 THz
Green: 520-565 nm 580-530 THz
Blue: 450-500 nm 670-600 THz
Violet: 380-430 nm 790-700 THz
1 nm = 10-3 um = 10-6 mm = 10-9 m
1 terahertz (THz) = 103 GHz = 106 MHz = 1012 Hz
White light is a mixture of the colors of the visible spectra.