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Are you seeking natural, pain-free, holistic care?  

Are you frustrated by traditional health care? 

Do you seek spiritual, physical, and emotional balance? 

Welcome to Kousouli Health & Wellness 

Teacher, speaker, mentor, and author, Theo Kousouli D.C., CHt. is Los Angeles’s premier holistic metaphysical energy healer, recognized for his remarkable natural, pain-free, holistic methods. 

He discovered the secret to rapid healing after a devastating swimming pool accident left him semi-paralyzed in his left arm with excruciating neck pain and diminished lung function. After suffering for months, he finally decided to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic. After this fateful visit, he made a 100% recovery.

It was also at that very moment that he decided to dedicate the rest of his
professional career to helping others.

A true testament to the power of his work, Dr. Kousouli has also overcome two aortic valve replacements in the past 10 years. Shortening the four-to-six month recovery period to an astounding 45 days, he has proven that his knowledge of the spine, hypnosis, nutrition, metaphysics, and energy healing are all we need to return to a state of pure health.  

After his own health struggles and also seeing the hardships of his patients, Dr. Kousouli created HypnoChiro® Healing and The Kousouli® Method 4R Transformational Healing System to help his private clients find their own balance and create optimal wellness within.  

Dr. Kousouli continues his good work, helping babies, pregnant women, athletes, celebrities, and everyone in between.  

He has written six life-changing books on maximum healing and life mastery, and has been featured on many major networks.  

Dr. Kousouli is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and holds excellent standing with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.